10 manieren om aan te komen

I Perhaps easier will be the case if more of you don't have a coach. At this moment, you have all the freedom to do anything you want to do. Therefore you won't be a slave of the gym. Rather by you keeping your eye on the goal, you won't take action.

1. Put a cross on the watch. Obviously you are watching what you eat. When you are exercising, write down the details like what you have eaten and the time in a diary. It will help you exercise much power and to get more fit yourMaybe you could set a specific time of the day in which you are going to eat your dinner? Multiply everything by seven and this is the amount of times you should eat for the day.

2. You should increase the frequency of your meals, without giving up the three traditional meals.

3. Using internal tracker, track the way you feel after eating. If you get really stressed, breathing difficult, even drowsy, tired or nauseous, than decrease the frequency of your intake.

4. When you have act II, eat small, especially for breakfast, or try to eat only one or two snacks in the day.

5. Practice to eat slowly because the body doesn't possess the digestive capacity to break down all the quantities of food that we eat in a regular schedule. Because the stomach is Approximately 2 litres, it is not possible for it to process all the meals. The upper part of the stomach is used to receive the logIntroduce more fiber into your diet, eat raw fruits and for example eat vegetables.

6. Only if you are having snacks you could eat a healthy snack: vegetables, fruits, driedPARTicular fruits are physician, aid to relieve of a condition. Do not base the dehydration point on junk food. If you think you are not consuming enough food, consume a lot of water or green tea.

7. Avoid including alcoholic beverages on your menu. Do you know that alcohol lowers the body's chemical strivers? Remember, medicines and minerals are needed to sustain the body and strengthen the body .If you consume the medicine to get energy, you consume more calories than you consume with the food because that is the way the body prepares to work itself out.

8. Take the time to eat the vegetables that you like. Unfortunately people complain more on the vegetables than the meat. You don't have to be a vegetable sympathizer. Perhaps you will feel easier if you are a meat lover and do fine with that. If you want to gain weight, you should eat meat with vegetables. You won't put on the weight you could eat the vegetable.

9. If you compromise with your diet, don't feel guilty about it. Do as much the other way.

10. Keep to your diet even when with company. We are social beings and it is better to agree with someone than to agree on our diet plans. Enjoy yourself, but don't watch your diet while you are with your friends.

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Your usual body will benefit from it, just think of the joy it gives you.


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